He was born in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 1983. He began his musical studies at his hometown conservatoire where he chose his specialization in saxophone with the maestro Miguel Garrido Aldomar. Later he joins the middle grade conservatoire in Cádiz with this instrument where he obtains the first prize at the Chamber Music competition interpreting Hindemith.

Simultaneously he began studies in interpretation for saxophone with well-known teachers such as Antonio Torres, Jose Antonio Santos and Miguel Romero.

Due to his interest in Early music and in the recorder in particular, and also in its XVII-XVIII century repertoire he joins the same conservatoire with this instrument doing the double major together with the saxophone.

It is at this conservatoire where he took classes and where he received his first guidelines on the interpretation of historic music under the guidance of Guillermo Peñalver. While receiving practice and theory lessons on this instrument, he also took courses with leading names in early music of the likes of Michael Schneider, Vicente Parrilla, Fernando Paz, Paul Leenhouts and Dan Laurin to name a few.

After finishing his middle grade studies he joined the Superior School of Music in Catalonia (ESMuC) where he graduated with the prestigious music researcher Pedro Memelsdorff where he received master classes from Andrew Ackerman, Lorenzo Cavasanti, Xavier Blanch, Marc Häntai, Pep Borràs, Lorenzo Coppola, etc.

After finishing his degree, he founded the chamber orchestra «Elcurarojo», in which he is soloist and artistic director, and with which he has performed several concerts in Spain and Italy and the recording of his first solo CD «Famous Concerts for Small Recorders».

As recorder player and oboist he has performed concerts in the «Palau de la Música», in the «Teatro Sierra de Aracena», in the «Caixa Fòrum» of Barcelona under the baton of Emilio Moreno, in the «Festival de Música Renacencista y Barroca de Vélez Blanco» and for the embassy of Mexico with the group «El Parnaso Español «.

As a soloist he has performed with the «Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla» in various places of the spanish geography; with the «JOF de Figueras» in the «Teatre Jardì» and the «Iglesia de Santa María del Taulat»; also as a soloist in the «Noches en los jardines del Real Alcázar» in Seville; in the «Festival internacional de Música Antigua de Soto del Real», Madrid; in Vitoria and Olinda (Brazil) with the orchestra «A Trupe Barroca»; in the «Teatro Cajasol» of Seville; in the «44è Festival de Música d’Estiu» of Menorca; at the «Basilica della Beata Vergine di San Luca» in Bologna, Italy; at the «Festival de Música Antigua de Casalarreina Classica Casalarreina», etc.

He has also performed concerts with groups of other musical styles such as «Los Aslándticos» with the saxophone and with the folk-metal group «Saurom» recorders and whistles, with the one that has covered quite a part of the Spanish geography, highlighting two of the most important festivals such as «Viña Rock» and «Leyendas del Rock», recording with that group for RTVE and participating in several of their CD’s.

He has published for internationally renowned prestigious recorder magazines such as «Windkanal» and «Blokfluitist».

He has been a recorder teacher at the «Conservatorio Profesional de Música Gonzalo Martín Tenllado» in Málaga.